Rackspace is a recognized leader in the IT hosting market. We deliver enterprise-level managed services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Serving more than 14,000 customers in eight data centers worldwide, Rackspace integrates the industryrsquo;s best technologies and practices for each customerrsquo;s specific need and delivers it as a service via the companyrsquo;s promise of Fanatical SupportAcirc;reg;. We serve as an extension of our customersrsquo; IT departments, enabling them to focus on their core business. We got started in 1998 and since then Rackspace has grown more than 50 percent a year. There are currently 2,000 Rackers around the world serving our customers.


API Paths

Delete domains (DELETE) /v1.0/{account}/domains OpenAPI
Show domain changes (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/changes OpenAPI
Clone domain (POST) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/clone OpenAPI
Delete domain (DELETE) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId} OpenAPI
Export domain (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/export OpenAPI
List domain details without subdomains (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId} OpenAPI
Update domain (PUT) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId} OpenAPI
Delete records (DELETE) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records OpenAPI
List records (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records OpenAPI
Update records (PUT) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records OpenAPI
Delete record (DELETE) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records/{recordId} OpenAPI
Show record details (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records/{recordId} OpenAPI
Update record (PUT) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/records/{recordId} OpenAPI
List subdomains (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/subdomains OpenAPI
List domains (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains OpenAPI
Import domain (POST) /v1.0/{account}/domains/import OpenAPI
Create domain (POST) /v1.0/{account}/domains OpenAPI
Update domains (PUT) /v1.0/{account}/domains OpenAPI
Search domains (GET) /v1.0/{account}/domains/search OpenAPI
List limits (GET) /v1.0/{account}/limits OpenAPI
Show limits (GET) /v1.0/{account}/limits/{type} OpenAPI
List limit types (GET) /v1.0/{account}/limits/types OpenAPI
Add PTR records (POST) /v1.0/{account}/rdns OpenAPI
Update PTR records (PUT) /v1.0/{account}/rdns OpenAPI
Delete PTR records (DELETE) /v1.0/{account}/rdns/{service-name} OpenAPI
List PTR records (GET) /v1.0/{account}/rdns/{service-name} OpenAPI
Show PTR record (GET) /v1.0/{account}/rdns/{service-name}/{recordId} OpenAPI